Let Upright Commercial Janitorial cleaning services render your facility "conspicuously clean."

Some janitorial firms deliver facility services that are just clean enough that people donít readily notice wanting details. Our goal is to meet and exceed specifications with every service by actually removing indoor contaminants, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination illness while improving your indoor air quality (IAQ.) This promotes keeping your occupants healthy and pleased with the cleanliness of your facility. See our Quality Assurance and Customer Service policy.

A clean and hygienic work environment shows your customers and employees that you care about them and the facility. Studies confirm "employees are measurably more productive and satisfied in a well maintained, clean and bright work environment." As well, current pandemic preparedness (eg: Swine Flu/H1N1) plans include rigorous facility cleaning standards and methodologies. Contact us to learn more about how your cleaning should be routinely practicing and augmenting true cross-contamination avoidance procedures. (Did you know that the EPA has not yet certified any true disinfectant to be labeled as “Green”, yet you can still receive full LEED points by adhering to current California EPA requirements? This suggests that it may be advisable to use an EPA registered disinfectant, such as a Quaternary cleaner which is virucidal, for cleaning appropriate environments and highly touched surfaces? Disinfectants registered with the EPA for use against Influnza A will also be effective against the (H1N1) influenza virus.)

Pricing for our services are provided in a FREE proposal and scope of work, customized to your needs. Request a free proposal now To view or print our brochure (PDF format, 228k), click here.


We offer a truly complete line of janitorial cleaning and flooring services.

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We also offer:

Quality Assurance
Our expertise in commercial cleaning is not only a product of years of experience, but also the result of extensive and serious training. Our staff is trained, mentored, and tested in proven, industry-leading techniques. And Upright professionals undergo continuous training on the latest equipment, methods, and products. Our Area Managers closely monitor the work methods and sequence at each location. We continuously strive to be the best at what we do, realizing that the only opinion that matters is that of our clients.

Customer Service
UPRIGHT strongly believes and acknowledges that our customer is the backbone of our business. When you hire Upright, our service commitment to you includes much more than the best possible cleaning service, products, and value. It also includes the way we do business with you—the way we regard and treat you. But don’t take our word for it … just ask our customers.

Because we’re not a franchise, and we are owned and operated, you always have a direct connection to the people who can immediately answer any questions and quickly resolve any issue. We address and remedy any emergency problem immediately.


Hard Surface Floors
UPRIGHT employs an trains true flooring professionals. Our Floor Techs receive comprehensive and progressive training from the SC Johnson Floor Care Professional, The Hillyard School of Facility Management and Bridgepoint/Interlink Stone and Tile programs.

These qualified professionals perform floor services that are truly appropriate to the surface and condition of your floor.

Hard floor services include:

  • machine scrubbing,

  • high/low speed burnishing/buffing,

  • stripping (Upright normally uses an environmentally responsible non-neutral ammonia based stripper. Upright also employs orbital scrubbing machines which reduce or eliminate the need for stripping chemicals = very Green!.)

  • sealing (water based penetrating seals for natural stone, cement, aggregate , etc.; and metal link acrylic copolymer for resilient/VCT, although can be used to finish other floor types too.),

  • screening (wood floors including gymnasium floors),

  • refinishing (resilient, wood, finished cement, natural stone, etc.), and

  • crystallizing (natural stone: soft,  such as travertine and/or limestone; and harder, such as marble. )


Carpeted Floors
Upright uses highly effective carpet-cleaning methods developed by Bridgepoint/Interlink, the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Carpet Restoration and Cleaning) and the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute). All of Uprights new equipment meets the Green Seal Standard of being CRI Bronze certification or above.

Our Carpet Services Include:

  • vacuuming, (our backpack vacuums are HEPA rated/CRI Gold Certified)

  • bonnet shampooing,

  • dry encapsulation

  • portable extraction (our portable extractors are state-of-the-art ultra low water and CRI Gold Certified)

  • truck mounted steam extraction (our truck mounted extractors are extremely powerful multi-wand systems and are also CRI Gold Certified)

  • flood extraction

  • high volume air movers for faster drying cycles

  • specialized carpet treatments including:

o         traffic lane and specific stain removal (eg: protein, ink, dye, tannin, bodily fluids, etc.)

o         sanitizing (bodily fluids clean-up)

o         mold and fungus inhibitors (sporiciden)

o         deodorizing

o         neutralizing and/or fresh water rinsing

  • automated periodic service scheduling


Wood Floors
Upright has considerable experience in maintaining, screening and refinishing wood floors; completing large and small floor areas for public and private school gymnasiums, art museums and municipal community centers.

Services include:

  • maintaining and cleaning using premium wood floor cleaners such as Hillyard’s “Super Shine-All”

  • machine scrubbing and where appropriate, buffing (per manufacturer/installer specifications)

  • screening (abrading the surface) and refinishing, using premium satin and high gloss finish products
    (“… the results are simply stunning! My floors are beautiful again!”)

Please note:   Upright does not fully hone or technically logo/paint/re-paint wood floors at this time.


Healthy, Hygienic Restrooms
UPRIGHT provides more than tidy restrooms. We take cleanliness to high levels of personal protection because we understand that a truly hygienic environment can significantly impact wellness, morale, public relations, and productivity in your facility. Our staff is trained to provide cleaning services that safeguard against potential health hazards. Your restrooms will be pristine in both cleanliness and hygiene. Unless otherwise instructed or necessary due to the condition or surface types, Upright employs a neutral Quaternary cleaner, which is germicidal, virucidal (Type A and H1N1 Flu) and deodorizing.

Upright also enforces the use of PPE (personal protective equipment as specified in the Bloodborne Pathogen training), and color coded cloth and mop systems where appropriate so as to help suppress the risk of cross-contamination.

Upright proudly uses Green certified and/or EPA Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) and equipment.



Window Cleaning
Someone might wonder, “What’s there to cleaning windows?” The truth is that it’s usually not that easy or simple to produce crystal-clean windows. The Upright team takes this task to the next level, receiving instruction from the Sorbo Company on both the L and Z methods of cleaning windows.


General Office and Facility Cleaning
UPRIGHT maintains diligence and thoroughness in routine general cleaning tasks, including low (up to 6 feet) and high (6-12 feet) dusting, damp wiping, polishing, de-scaling, sanitizing, damp/wet mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming, spot cleaning and full surface washing. Your furniture, doors, fixtures, HVAC vents and returns will be kept consistently and conspicuously clean. Please contact us for a no obligation or cost quote and for a copy of our specifications as listed in our standard Scope of Service. We are happy to incorporate any specific requirement, task and/or frequency into a customized program for you. Our Facility Programming System along with our Gantt based Quality Assurance Program ensures all tasks and frequencies are scheduled, communicated, trained and audited with a frequency and rigor that ensures positive and enduring results.

Upright also has already employed and is enforcing BOMA/CDC pandemic flu avoidance cleaning procedures, including focusing on keeping HTS’s (Highly Touched Surfaces) cleaned using a efficacious quaternary disinfectant, unless otherwise requested or required due to the surface type and condition.  Contact us for more about how we can help you keep your facilities’ occupants and visitors as safe and healthy as possible.


Customized Custodial Plans
Not every facility is alike, nor does every property owner/manager have the same set of cleaning requirements. For this reason, we cheerfully develop an efficient and effective customized plan to specifically meet each client’s needs. You’re in control. Choose only the services you need, when you need them—daily, weekly or ?.

Any special requirements, procedures and/or tasks are incorporated into our Facility Programming, Work Schedules and Quality Assurance Audits.

We always keep up to date on the science of cleaning, such as fully supporting and incorporating two desirable sustainable business practices, both Green and Hygienic Cleaning.

This way, you’re guaranteed conspicuous quality at a great price.


Janitorial Supplies
To help you reduce and control management and consumable supplies costs, Upright offers a full line of janitorial supplies including restroom paper products, soaps, and deodorizers. (We have a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse which allows us to buy in bulk and pass the savings, which can be considerable, on to you.)

Our products are usually priced significantly below other janitorial companies and often even lower than many suppliers. As a distributor we are able to provide our service customers highly competitive pricing for almost any janitorial item, regardless of specification.

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